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Your Project / Our Solutions


We have been providing commercial and industrial electrical services for over two decades. From saw mills to recycle plants, we can cover your needs. We cover all voltages from 60 kva and below.

Our design build experience is extensive and has proved invaluable. We have provided many a happy customer with creative, cost saving solutions to their project challenges.

Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal drilling is an efficient, cost effective way to get pipe, water, sewer, gas, utilities, wiring and more from point A to point B, without trenching. Everything happens underground with a minimal damage and a small footprint.


We can locate private utilities, pull in aditional services and troubleshoot existing issues.


Our fully licensed, bonded and insured technitians can handle all your underground utility and communicatons needs.




Aerial View of Farm

From pumps to pipes, electrical to creative solutions, we can help with your agricultural needs. 


We can work with you to develope streamlined, cost saving systems to help you keep your business functioning and profitable.

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