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For over 25 years we have provided industrial, commercial and residential electrical services to a wide variety of happy customers, including government agencies, communications providers, utility companies, food processing plants, malls, school districts, churches, farms and ranches, homeowners and small businesses. (See an itemized list in our Services section.)


Our knowledge base is extensive, covering a broad spectrum over many years. We keep up with current technology, energy efficiency and practices in order to provide our customers with the best possible finished job. 


Our list of certifications include Allen Bradley, Square D, Modicon, Ditch Witch and JLG.




Whether your pump needs help, your electrical needs updating or you need automation, we can help.

Pumps, electrical, lighting, automation, we can help. We can often look at your electrical, lighting, etc. and find ways to use more efficient products and save you money. 


Something not working right? We can fix it.


Wish something could be more energy efficient? More automatic? We can help you restructure, often saving you a great deal of money after implementing new products, systems or switching to high efficiency materials.

Horizontal Drilling

Boring is a great way to bring in sewer, gas, utilities and more. This trenchless technology allows for an entirely underground application, eliminating the need to tear up roads, landscaping or expensive hardscape. Buildings in the way? No problem. We go under  or around them.

We use the latest in technology and boring equipment to execute a complete Point A to Point B shoot and pull to bring pipe, sewer, and utilities from where they start to where you need them, all with minimal disturbance of surface areas. Everything is done below ground, leaving roads, landscaping, hardscape and structures in tact and undisturbed. We can shoot out hundreds of feet and execute complicated turns, dips and rises, go under buildings and roads,  negotiate changing terrain and drill through substrate materials that would be nearly impossible or extremely expensive to trench or dig, all to get your product where it needs to be.


We have extensive experience in the utilities sector and can assist both the homeowner and commercial customer. Our customer list includes companies such as Suddenlink, Comcast, Surewest, Level 3, Williams Fiber, SMUD, Adelphia, AT&T and more. 


We can also assist homeowners with getting sewer, gas, and more to your site, or move it from one location to another.


We have all the equipment and people to get your job done. We also accomodate emergency situations.

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